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the creation of satellite centres for easy access to services for the Disabled.

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training, the use of different form of media like puppets, games, music and dance, painting and clay work and active participation of family.

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the disabled and economically disadvantaged child.

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Inclusion. Bringing Persons with Disability into the mainstream and steering them towards a productive and fulfilling life.

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The idea of Jan Madhyam was born on the lawns of JamiaMiliaIslamia University, New Delhi. The year was 1982. Jolly Rohatagi, artist and RanjanaPandey, puppeteer, were collaborating on a multi-media programme for pre-schoolers. Puppets, games, music, dance and crafts were woven together to fire a child's creative imagination. The theme was 'Learning is Fun'.

The variety of tasks and stimuli highlighted each child's needs and capacities, highlighting areas where the child performed well or poorly. It was but a natural progression to think of applying the same technique to children with special needs. Using media was one way of drawing out children who appeared dull and unresponsive, more - it emerged - because of isolation and poor communication skills, than because of their disability.

It was the first of many programmes developed in response to a felt need. Over the next few years, Jolly and Ranjana, now joined by Gayatri, a dancer, developed a series of programmes for children with special needs.

On the way, new issues came to the fore - the lack of services, negative attitudes in the community, the limited resources of poor and rural communities and the changing needs of the growing girl child.

Today, nearly three decades later, Jan Madhyam continues to be a pioneer, addressing the needs of disabled and disadvantaged young persons in creative and innovative ways.

Jan Madhyam reaches out to the disabled girl-child from marginalized sections of society - the most disadvantaged in terms of rights and opportunities. We believe in INCLUSION -equal opportunity to all, irrespective of degrees of functionality, efficiency, ability and/or disability. Jan Madhyam's programme focuses on the creation of an inclusive environment that allows the able and the disabled to work and play together.

Jan Madhyam strives to bring people with disability into the mainstream, using different forms of media - puppets, games, music, dance, painting and clay work - as effective tools for mental development and building social relationships.

We strive not to protect, but to prepare Persons with Disability for the real world by developing self-sufficiency in living skills and economic activity. We promote self-advocacy, mainstream employment, self-employment through training.

We promote awareness and participation in the community, showcasing abilities and steering persons with special needs towards productive, fulfilling and independent lives.

Jan Madhyam 1987- 2016 Highlights
Many Firsts – Dynamic Leaders in the field.

1982-1987 Jan Madhyam works in 6 different schools of Delhi taking media based education modules to challenged and marginalized children.

1987 Jan Madhyam is registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860

1988 UNICEF provided the first grant, enabling Jan Madhyam to extend its school outreach programmes.

1989 The first foray into community awareness. Jan Madhyam talks about Disability to teacher trainees, anganwadi (crèche) workers and slum dwellers. Financial support is received from the Department of Education, Government of India

1989 Networking begins. Jan Madhyam is invited to participate in the first all-India campaign to create awareness on Disability, with over 100 other NGOs.

1989 Putting `Inclusion’ centre-stage. Economically disadvantaged girls join their disabled peers to learn living skills in Jan Madhyam’s new office in Zamrudpur, New Delhi

1989 A Directory of Services for Delhi and NCR,for persons with special needs, is published by Jan Madhyam after a comprehensive survey of the region.

1990 Intensive work in Rajasthan. Three NGOs in Jaipur start programmes for persons with disability with Jan Madhyam’s guidance.

1990 A Directory of Services in Rajasthan for persons with special needs is published by Jan Madhyam after a comprehensive survey of the state.

1991 The needs of the adolescent girl child are analyzed and a series of projects emerge. Amongst them, a Friends Club, Sex Education workshops and Legal Literacy sessions for parents and community workers

1993 Consolidation and identification of priorities. A comprehensive Vocational Training and Rehabilitation programme is developed and becomes the focus of Jan Madhyam’s work for the next 5 years

1995 The popular ghazal artiste Jagjit Singh sings for Jan Madhyam’s first benefit concert

1996 The Equal Opportunity Technical Training Centre (EORTTC) opens in the urban village of Aya Nagar on the outskirts of Delhi. Nine able and disabled girls enroll in 3 vocational courses. The beginning of a Lab to study Inclusion.

1999 Links with the corporate sector established. Jan Madhyam receives funding from two companies and provides guidance to a third

2000 Jan Madhyam starts media and craft work with mainstream schools to change the attitude of the younger generation and help them appreciate the ability of the challenged through project SRIJAN.

2000 Our first Spring Fair at the Australian High Commissioner’s Residence is a great success and becomes our annual fund raiser.

2002 Jan Madhyam expands into villages around Aya Nagar. A small rehabilitation center opens in Ghitorni village. Our first Partnership with an NGO takes off in Chattarpur. We adopt a decentralized approach.

2003 The number of challenged persons and disadvantaged children goes up to 250 and the number of community projects to 9.

2006 AyaNagar EORTTEC completes 10 years of running an inclusive programme in Life Skills Training.

2006 Partnership with other NGOs to help them include challenged children Jan Madhyam spreads out through partners all over Delhi.

2007 Partnership work with NGOs is structured under ANANYA programme. Through this project we help the child with special needs to reach mainstream education and do better in academics

2008 SHIKSHA - programme is launched to help children with learning problems learn with multimedia and non formal learning tools.

2008 VISTAAR - project through which school curriculum is taught with multimedia and craft activities begins.

2008 SAHYOG - training programme for teachers, parents and community. Through this training we share Jan Madhyam’s expertise, skills and experiences acquired in last 20 years, with other agencies.

2008 We launched our website www.janmadhyam.org

ADOBE acknowledges Jan Madhyam for its excellent work.

2009 Jan Madhyam is well established in the Aya Nagar Community. People look upon Jan Madhyam as a valuable service. We open ourselves to the need of all challenged and marginalized children regardless of gender.

2010 Jan Madhyam Starts its’ Scholarship Scheme’ for the poor disabled scholars.

2010 We increase our web presence consciously and make a face book page, upload video links.

• We receive permission under section 35 AC to offer a 100% tax exemption to our donors.

• We learn about the process to access the Disability Pension and Disability certification and begin to apply it to our community.

2011-2012 Jan Madhyam features on Doordarshan both years. A 10 minute film about Jan Madhyam is aired many times.

2012 Award: Jan Madhyam is awarded for excellence in work by Tech Mahindra.

• We established a proper well equipped Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy service at our Aya Nagar center which brings tremendous benefits to children.

2013 Scholarship project now works through9 Supporting Organisations in different parts of the city and has served 104 children in three years.

2013 Today we have completed the process for Disability Pension for 17 challenged persons and Disability Certification for 48. Bank accounts have been opened for 65 persons.

2014 We completed our 13th Spring Fair at the Australian High Commission.

2014 We have received an extension – until 2016 from Ministry of Finance to offer 100% tax exemption to our donors under section 35 ac.

2015 Award: The Modernites’ Award for Excellence 2015.

• Today we have completed the process for Disability Pension for 36 challenged persons and Disability Certification for 73. Bank accounts have been opened for 100 persons.

• • Rozgaar Success(Masala production reaches the 50 kg a month - new range of products developed)

2016 Jan Madhyam Received from PVR NEST for empowerment of Girl Child.

• “We congratulate you on being selected in the category of ‘Community Empowerment’ for your contribution and commitment towards real and lasting change”

2016 Jan Madhyam Student Archana Yadav received a letter of appreciation from Minister of HRD , GOI, Ms.Smriti Zubin Irani lauding her for her success and courage.

We work with 11491 children this year - a record number! till November 2016

2016 We continue our to work on our vision for the Next 10 Years .

2016 Jan Madhyam celebrates World Disability Day in Aya Nagar.

2016 Jan Madhyam graduate student Meenakshi received a Certifcate of Appreciation from The National Festival on therapeutic sports for person with disabilities (Multiple Disabilities) NFTS – 2016 during 5th -6th Nov 2016, held at NIBPMO, Chennai.

2016 Today we have completed the process for Disability Pension for 30 challenged persons and Disability Certification for 30. Bank accounts have been opened for 54 persons.

2016 Jan Madhyam start a new center in Mohammadpur .

• Jan Madhyam Center in Aya Nagar can today be deemed a Model Space- a role model for the community.

• We boast of Water Harvesting ,Solar Power generation unit and a garbage separation system.

The Jan Madhyam Society, a registered body, has 18 members
(4 men, 16 women, of whom 2 parents and 2 persons with disability).

The Governing Board has 9 members, elected every 3 years.

Currently, members of the new executive committee
(April 2015 – March 2018) of Jan Madhyam is as follows:

  • President: Ms. Padma Sahdev
  • Secretary : Ms. Seema Lalit Uppal 
  • Treasurer : Ms Sarmistha Lahiri

Our Programmes


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Service for challenged children and their families.


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Jan Madhyam has long experience in making different tools such as Films, Games, Learning kits, Booklets, Posters, Puppet Plays, Songs etc. We have a library of these which we use in our training and share with our partners. We also have a Directory of Services for challenged persons for the National Capital Region.

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Unlike other scholarship schemes, which help the able to get further, Jan Madhyam offersfinancial support in the form of scholarships to disabled students, especially girls who come from poor families and thus enable them to get life skills and school education

We focus on economically deprived children with any of the following problems

  • Dyslexia and Learning difficulties
  • Slow learners
  • Hearing impaired
  • Physically disabled.
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Emotional problems.
  • Visually challenged
  • Multiply Challenged
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Dwarfism
Scholarships are given to children identified with any of the above special needs.This will help them to get supportive aids and appliances, therapies, special education, admission into mainstream school education or any training which leads them towards Inclusion.

Besides the financial support, the other supportive activities are:

• Sensitizing the school teachers and training them in management of children with special needs

• Support children with special need for remedial education and medical intervention

• Counselling and guidance to their parents, families and community at large.

• Disability Pension guidance and training

All these interventions will help the special child to cope with mainstream education and improve his general development. The poor parents will be able to send this child to school and finally give him a special place at home also.

Partners & Supporters 2013 -2017

Tech Mahindra Foundation

M/s Help Them Grow INC DBA, Vibha

Wings of Support

  • M/s Help Them Grow INC DBA, Vibha
  • M/s Afifah Yamasaki
  • M/s Sohan Lal Charitable Trust
  • M/s Raghu Trading and Investment Compnay Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s Renaissance Asset Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s Air Asia
  • M/s Corporate Executive Board (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s Gautam Sahdev
  • M/s Smt. Manglawati & Dr. Prem Narain Charitable Trust
  • M/s Nikhilesh Rohatagi Huf
  • Sud Chemie India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Big Chill Café Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raghu Trading & Investment Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Avalokitteshvar Valinv Ltd.
  • Jaleh Namazai
  • A2Z filtration Specialities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Charities Aid foundation India
  • United Hotels Limited
  • United Hotels Limited
  • Veena Anand
  • Ms. Sadhna Rai
  • Ms. Bunty Chand
  • The Neemrana Group
  • Mr. Ms. Neeraj Sharma
  • Hotel Bela Rosa
  • Amber Travels
  • The Leela Palace
  • The Oberoi Group
  • Veda Restaurant
  • Taj Palace Hotel
  • The Lalit
  • TV Beltek
  • The Park Hotel
  • Hotel TajMansigh
  • Greek to Me -Restaurant
  • Vivanta Ambassador Hotel
  • The Ashok
  • Toshiba
  • Style Studio Beauty Salon
  • Herbline- Beauty products
  • Mantra Vedic Spa
  • AARYA24 Kt
  • CreamBell
  • R2S Events
  • The Neemrana Group
  • India Tourism Development Corporation
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Ahuja Sons
  • Raisons
  • Hero Honda

Join Us

You can also help us raise money in your school, college or office.

There are hundreds of tasks that need to be done.

  • Accompanying children to hospitals / doctors
  • Accompanying our sales team
  • Arranging seasonal outing
  • Teaching English, yoga, self defence, dance etc.
  • Help in organizing fund raising events
  • Be our photographer
  • Be our advocate
  • Link us to individual donors- Rotary clubs, etc.

If you like to give us your time for Jan Madhyam

mail us at infojanmadhyam@gmail.com




You can order their products through us.
Contact AMITA SAXENA on 9899199937 for prices and details

Our Wishlist

Thank you donors!

Four of our hearing impaired children have

received BTE hearing aids. Three more are waiting...

For Our Current wishlist

visit our facebook page on:


We always need

  • Cotton rugs, floor mats and low stools
  • Stationery
  • Fabric lengths
  • Paint(water colours, acrylic & fabric paint)
  • Embroidery (thread)

Are you a parent of a child with disability?

Contact us at infojanmadhyam@gmail.com for more information.

Do visit us.

Call Jan Madhyam,

Jamrudpur, +91-9968427340

or Aya Nagar on +91-9899199937

between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Registered Office

Jan Madhyam,

B-43, Kailash Appartment

Lala Lajpat Rai Marg,

New Delhi-110048

Nr. Kailash Colony Metro Station. 

Pillar No-71


Jan Madhyam,

147, Aya Nagar , Phase V

New Delhi -110047